Sales of Flavored and Functional Water to Reach Record High, Here’s How

Published Date : Aug 09, 2016

In the global market for food and beverages, the global flavored and functional water market is growing at a rapid pace. Considering the many benefits of flavored and functional water, the sales are consistently increasing across the globe. Especially for the athletes and fitness-crazy people, functional and flavored water has become their favorite energy drink.

In particular, flavored water is replacing sugary beverages while functional water is attracting the interests of the mass. Bottled water is been prepared by manufacturers by taking care of the changing trends of the health-conscious people. Brands are concentrating on manufacturing healthy flavored and functional water for the people. 

The Future of Bottled and Flavored Water

The popularity of bottled water and flavored water is increasing rapidly across the globe. As more manufacturers are entering the mainstream, the global market for flavored and functional water is expected to be more competitive. As the popularity of flavored and functional water is progressing, the brands will be able to evolve premium and sophisticated products. However, brands are expected to face the challenge of introducing products matching the preferences of the consumers.

Primarily, the global flavored and functional water market is driven by factors such as the rising urbanization, the increasing pool of health-conscious people, the rising aging population, the rising obesity, and changing tastes of consumers. Obesity has shifted the focus of people from sugary drinks to healthy drinks. Aging people also prefer drinking healthy beverages, which is expected to propel the demand for flavored and functional water. 

What would Restrict the Growth of Market?

At present, many organizations and groups are campaigning against bottled water and packaging bottles to promote healthy living and minimize environmental damage. This can be the biggest challenge for the manufacturers of flavored and functional water. Considering this, manufacturers are focusing on using environment-friendly containers and bottles. 

Even though key companies are expected to handle many challenges, emerging markets are predicted to offer many growth opportunities. Considering the growth opportunities, many startups are predicted to enter the market and contribute their innovations.