Globally Warming to Encourage Spread of Lethal Bacteria in Oceans Globally

Published Date : Aug 10, 2016

It has already become evident that the increasing ocean temperatures have been making individuals sick and this is only becoming worse now. The bacteria that loves warmth is now growing in large numbers and is posing disastrous impacts on the human health, as per a study published recently. The bacteria called as Vibrio bacteria has caused around eighty thousand illnesses as well as about hundred deaths within the U.S alone in the past few years.

Exceptional Count of Vibrio Cases in Northern Europe and U.S. 

This type of bacteria is majorly found in salty and coastal river estuaries and coastal waters. It is usually transmitted by having undercooked or raw seafood such as oysters, etc. and skin cuts while swimming. In addition, there have been an exceptional count of Vibrio cases in Northern Europe and the U.S., in the past few years. The key cause of this is the increasing climate change-spurred temperature rises in the Atlantic Ocean’s parts, as per stated by the researchers.

Average Temperatures Surface of Seas Globally has Risen Approximately 1.5 Degrees Fahrenheit

Rita Colwell, working at the University of Maryland as a microbiologist together with a whole team of researchers from different parts of the world evaluated the Vibrio bacteria’s presence in plankton samples and came up with a finding that this bacteria’s population rose immensely in warmed waters. The average temperatures in the surface of seas globally has risen approximately 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit starting from the 1950s. The change of climate has played a key factor in this surge.

Approximately 110 Varied Kinds of Vibrio Bacteria Found in Oceans Globally

Furthermore, in 2011, a joint report presented by seventeen European marine institutes stated that the rising growth of the Vibrio bacteria may cost the European nations a huge sum of money which can go up to million euros in the field of healthcare in forthcoming years. As per Carbon Brief, there are approximately 110 varied kinds of Vibrio bacteria staying in oceans globally and amongst them the most common one is called cholera, a prime lethal diarrheal disease.

Researchers have also stated that a number of steps need to be taken as soon as possible to impede the outbreaks of Vibrio globally.