Technology Boosts Growth of Hospitality Industry, Luxury Hotels to Dominate Global Hotels Market

Published Date : Aug 10, 2016

Technology is advancing every year and is helping change the expectations of the customers from across the globe. Technology has assisted the global hotels market in many ways. Advancements in the technology have helped hotels modify their services, interiors, amenities, and add extra services. Thanks to the advancements in technology, hotel builders are able to plan their infrastructure, buildings, staffing requirements, and services in better ways. 

What Facilities help Hotels Serve Better?

Amenities such as swimming pool, sports section, Wi-Fi infrastructure, digital conference facilities, and room facilities children’s play area, and recreation halls have been attracting many home-seekers. Transport facilities provided by hotels such as airport pick-up and drop, station pick-up and drop, and taxi services to visit travel destinations have been very attractive. Now guests don’t have to wait for a taxi on arrival at the airports or stations. The majority of the hotels provide taxi pick-up and drop services for their customers, which adds to their comfort level. 

Preferences of travelers are shifting from average hotels to the luxury hotels. This is due to the rising income, changing lifestyles, and the rise in the spending capacity of people. 

How has Digital Marketing helped Hotels in Promoting their Services?

Digital marketing and social media have helped hotels identify the needs of the people. By doing this, hotels have been using various social media platforms to advertise their new services and hotels. Thanks to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms, advertising about hotels has become easy. 

The advent of mobile marketing has further helped hotel developers in many ways. By using mobile space such as in-apps, in-games, MMS, SMS, video ads, and others, hotel owners are able to spread the information about their hotels to the people. All these factors have helped propel the global hotels market. 

Among all hotels, the demand for 3-star hotels is expected to be the highest in the years to come. With changing lifestyles, the demand for luxury hotels is also expected to increase.