Need to Curb Imitation Drug packaging Issues Boosts Growth of Packaging and Labeling Services Market for Healthcare

Published Date : Aug 16, 2016

Healthcare packaging is challenging and can be manufactured economically if only holistic solutions are used. This requires medical devices and their packaging to be developed hand-in-hand for the optimal use of guidance package that is provided by regulatory authorities for the quality control of medical devices. In this regard, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s device center generates the largest number of guidance documents for the manufacturers of medical devices. This is mainly due to the large variety of medical devices and specific packaging and labeling needed for each of them.

Increasing Incidence of Chronic Diseases Necessitate Medical Devices and Pharma Products to Comply to Strict Quality Control Statutes

Presently, the healthcare industry is burdened with the rising prevalence of chronic ailments across the world. This has necessitated strict quality control of medical devices and pharma products at every stage right from research and development to production to packaging for public welfare. On the other hand, medical device manufacturers and pharma accompanies are striving to extend the shelf life of products by preventing microbial growth and they need to adhere to stringent regulations for counteracting imitation drug packaging issues and proper labeling guidelines for patient safety. 

The packaging and labeling of pharma products and medical devices involves complicated registration and cumbersome approval processes, which is deterring the growth of the global market for packaging and labeling services for healthcare. Despite these challenges, the rising utilization of nano-enabled packaging is shaping up positive growth for this industry. In addition, the rising adoption of advanced packaging techniques in emerging economies will open lucrative opportunities for this market’s growth.

Increasing Expenditures on R&D for Advanced Packaging Solutions Bolsters Market Growth

Medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies are vigilant about their role in public health. They adhere to stringent regulations that are in place for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and medical devices for patient safety. Moreover, pharmaceuticals companies are spending vast amounts on research and development for advanced packaging solutions that will address issues pertaining to counterfeit drug packaging. The use of bio-based and green packaging solutions are also what medical device manufacturers and pharma companies are looking into to minimize the implications of conventional packaging on the environment.

The extensive product portfolio of the pharmaceuticals and medical devices industry does not leave a chance for developing a universal packaging technique. However, industry participants adhere to the highest standards of packaging and labeling compliances that are laid out for the same.