Japan Energy Sector Develops First 250MW Solar Power Project

Published Date : Aug 27, 2014

First Solar Inc., (FSLR)is constructing its first 250 megawatts solar projects in Japan. FSLR is the largest U.S. solar panel maker in the country. Japan witnesses many government incentives that encourage substantial development of solar and cleaner energy sources. 

Karl Brutsaert, the director of business development First Solar told that Japan is strategically planning into making investments in utility-scale projects, developing different projects, operating and managing over the long run, and managing the construction phase too. Karl said this in an interview in Tokyo yesterday. 

An Arizona-based company, The Tempe that presently relies on North America for all its revenue, has recently set up its office in Tokyo in the month of November. The Tempe operates with local partners to construct solar stations of varying sizes.

The company’s first plant which is about a 1.3 megawatt station located in Kitakyushu (southwestern city)of Japan began its operation in March. The company will invest around $100 million to build solar projects in the country. 

Japan is expanding in the solar market ever since the introduction of feed-in tariff program took place in July 2012. After the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, this program was introduced to promote clean energy in the country. Brutsaert said there will be land constraints that will lead to extra rooftop installations in Japan. This particular segment will expand and will be claimed larger than the country’s mega solar segment, he added. 

The company has already positioned itself to accomplish such achievements in the near future, and benefit the country from solar power activities.