Growth in Retail Industry Boosts Demand for Ceramic Packing

Published Date : Aug 23, 2016

The global ceramic packing market has been exhibiting remarkable augmentation in its valuation since the last few years, thanks to the tremendous progression in the retail industry, globally. The presence of a healthy import/export scenario in emerging economies has influenced this market significantly in the recent times. The robustness of ceramic packing has increased its popularity among consumers, leading to significant rise in its demand. Analysts expect this trend to increase further in the coming years.

Asia Pacific to Remain Leading Regional Market for Ceramic Packing
Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa are the key regional markets for ceramic packing. Asia Pacific, among these, has acquired the top position in the global market for ceramic packing. China and India are leading this market in Asia Pacific on account of the presence of a huge pool of end-use industries. The Republic of Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, and New Zealand are some other key domestic markets for ceramic packing in this region. 

Analysts expect Asia Pacific to remain dominant over the next few years. Here is a snapshot of how other regional markets expected to perform in the near future.

  • Latin America and the Middle East and Africa are projected to experience a strong rise in the demand for ceramic packing in the coming years. Brazil will drive the market in North America.
  • North America and Europe are likely to witness sluggish growth in the coming years due their saturation. Germany, France, and the U.K. are expected to lead the ceramic packing market in Europe and the North America market will be driven by the U.S.

BASF SE, Tanaka Holdings Co. Ltd., NTK Technologies Inc., LG Chemical Ltd., Kyocera Chemical Co. Ltd., Devson Insulators Private Ltd., Sumitomo Metals and Alloys, Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd., Henkel Ag & Co., Alent Plc., Mitsui High-Tec Inc., and Les Poteries Malicornaises are the leading companies in the global market for ceramic packing.