Internet of Things Aims to Contribute Towards Building Smart Cities, Healthcare Industry to Benefit the Most

Published Date : Aug 25, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been the most talked about technologies across the world. IoT has helped in building a smart city in many ways by benefiting many industries. IoT has made the world more quantifiable and measurable as organizations are able to take better decisions at the right time. The impact of IoT devices such as smart home devices, M2M devices, and wearable devices can be already seen.  

Most of the organizations have created growth opportunities by selling services through various connected devices. This is possible just because of the advent of the Internet of Things.

Connected devices of IoT are being increasingly adapted by the healthcare organizations from across the globe. With many trends expected to change the IoT, the usage of this technology is predicted to increase in the years to come.

The Internet of Things has remade many industries; the healthcare industry has benefited the most in the recent years. Healthcare organizations are increasingly using IoT services and technology. Key players operating in the global Inter of Things market are targeting many healthcare organizations to offer their services. This is one of the reasons of growth for the global Internet of Things market.

What could hamper the growth of global IoT market?

Although the global IoT market is set for a rapid expansion, a few factors are predicted to hamper its growth in the years to come.

  • The use of IoT can be affected by the growing security risks and unauthorized access to personal information. Many companies run into security risks and become the victim of thefts.
  • The introduction of cloud-based computing has also invited many data security concerns. This can hamper the global Internet of Things market.
  • The rising concern of data security and data integrity is pushing companies away from availing IoT services.

All these factors are predicted to hamper the global Internet of Things market.

Irrespective of the above factors, the global Internet of Things market is predicted to expand. The IoT technology has benefited many healthcare organizations so far and aims to serve the startups. Maintaining and sharing records of patients, clinics, and doctors has become easy, thanks to IoT.