Improved Internet Data Services and Rising Smartphone Users to Propel Demand for Mobile TV

Published Date : Aug 31, 2016

Mobile TV is the most recent advancements in the global television market. The rising use of tablets and smartphones has led to the growth of mobile TV. At present, the global mobile TV market is one of the fastest growing market in the global technology and media market. 

High Speed Data Services to Boost Demand for Mobile TV

The introduction of high-speed data services has remade many industries. The success of high-speed data services including 3G and 4G has motivated companies to introduce 5G technology as well. 

The availability of high-speed internet on tablets and smartphones has made it possible for the TV service providers to offer various TV channels on such smart devices. The demand for regional and local channels, live sports, entertainment through VoD, and movies is expected to increase.  

The total share of pay TV services is expected to increase in the near future, which is another factor likely to drive the global mobile TV market.

The sale of smartphones and tablets is expected to increase in the years to come. This is because of the changing lifestyles of people and the changing economies. The rising adoption of mobile TV is predicted to propel the global market.

Key companies operating in the global market are concentrating on introducing new mobile TV sets as per the changing needs of buyers. This is expected to take the global mobile TV market to another level. Developers of mobile applications and mobile TV are taking efforts to introduce new features in their applications. This is further predicted to propel the demand for mobile TVs across all locations. 

The demand for pay TV services and free-to-air services is predicted to increase in the years to come. Key companies such as Comcast Corporation, Sky plc., and MobiTV, Inc. are predicted to introduce new mobile TV options for the patrons. Key companies are consistently expanding their services to maintain their dominance in the competitive global market for mobile TV. 

Online TV to Propel Demand for Mobile TV Services

Watching TV online using tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices has become a trend across many regions. Thanks to the availability of high-speed internet, the number of mobile TV viewers is fast increasing. With the availability of fast internet on smartphones, service providers have started activating many TV channels on mobiles. All this is predicted to propel the global mobile TV market.