Increase in Drilling Activities to Create High Demand for Packers

Published Date : Sep 01, 2016

Packers are highly in demand from the emerging economies of Brazil, China, and India, thus driving the market. Both national and private companies in these countries are exploring new oil and gas reserves, which is driving the demand for packers. While permanent packers can only be removed from a wellbore by milling, retrievable packers can be removed after the drilling operation and after the tubing is extracted from the wellbore. 

Advantages of Packers:

  • Packers protect the casing from corrosion and pressure
  • They isolate the production zone
  • Packers support the weight of tubing
  • They help in the improvement of well flow and also the rate of production

Rise in Exploration Activities Fuel Demand for Packers

The rise in the production and exploration of oil and gas is boding well for the global packers market. Packers are also used for shale gas production. They are used to overcome the challenges pertaining to migration of shale gas to the surface. An increase in the drilling activities is thus augmenting the demand for packers and driving the global market. A high demand for oil and gas in the future is expected to ensure the growth of the packers market even in the coming years.

Failures in Packer Sealing During Installation and Operation to Hinder Market

Packers are highly prone to damage during installation and operational processes. The damage caused during installation could vary from frictional damage and cutting owing to sharp edges in the installation area. Presence of dirt can also be a problem. Additionally, the use of incorrect installation tools result in packer seal failure, thus dampening their demand. Other factors such as pressure, temperature, number of cycles, rotation sliding, mechanical stress, operating pressures, and the environment also have a negative impact on the lifespan of packers.