Natural Alternative Sweeteners – The next Big Thing in the Food and Beverages Industry

Published Date : Sep 06, 2016

Sweeteners, popular substitutes to sugar are in demand in the global market among the diabetic and among those who are dieting. Alternative sweeteners find application in candy and confections, diet drinks, dairy products, sweets, and fruit jams and fruit crush. Alternative sweeteners, today, are also used in personal care and pharmaceutical products such as mouthwash, chewable tablets, toothpaste, and glycerin. 

What factors are driving the demand for alternative sweeteners?

  • The demand for healthy, low-sugar, low-fat, and low-calorie food is increasing at a fast pace across many regions. This is predicted to boost the demand for alternative sweeteners.
  • People have become health-conscious and thus the intake of diet drinks and low-sugar food and beverages is increasing. This has boosted the demand for alternative sweeteners in the global market.
  • The rate of obesity has increased, which has created many other health issues. This has made people aware of living a healthy life. Diabetes has been a common problem in many nations. Thanks to the availability of many health drinks, sugar-free beverages, and drinks with alternative sweeteners, diabetic people are able to fulfill their tastes.
  • The rising application of alternative sweeteners is expected to propel the market in the years to come.

Plant protein to be the next alternate sweetener

Many organizations operating in the food and beverages industry are focusing on manufacturing plant-based sweeteners that contain low-calorie and low-fats. Considering the side effects of many sweeteners, many manufacturers are taking efforts to introduce natural products.

Research has shown that plant-based natural sweeteners are not only healthy but also low in calorie. Fruit-based sweeteners are trending in the global market across many regions. Trails have shown that fruit-based sweeteners are sweeter than traditional sweeteners and yet have low calorie and fat contents. Attempts are being made by many organizations operating in the global food and beverages industry to introduce such plant-based sweeteners, which is another factor expected to propped the global alternative sweeteners market.

Companies including NutraSweet Company, Hermes Sweeteners Ltd., E. I. du Pont de Nemours, and Ajinomoto Co., Inc. are some of the prominent manufacturers of alternative sweeteners.