Advancements in Farming Practices to Create Growth Opportunities for Global Crop Protection Chemicals Market

Published Date : Sep 07, 2016

The global market for crop protection chemicals has witnessed a significant rise in its valuation over the recent past. The rapid changes in the farming practices, together with the heightened utilization of technology in agriculture, have boosted the demand for crop protection chemicals across the world. Apart from this, the growing need for food and the depletion of fertile land have also compelled farmers and agriculturists to use crop protection chemicals in order to improve the crop yield with limited resources.

Going forward, the demand for crop protection chemicals will increase significantly. However, the growing concerns over the harmful effects of crop protection chemicals on the environment are likely to limit their application to some extent in the coming years. Advancement in the field of biotechnology and the escalating application of bacillus thuringiensis and genetically modified seeds are also posing as severe threats to the growth of the worldwide crop protection chemicals market.

Advancement in Farming Practices Fuels Demand for Crop Protection Chemicals in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific, among all the regions, has been leading the global market for crop protection chemicals. Advancements in agriculture practices in this region have been fueling the demand for these chemicals significantly in Asia Pacific. 

Thailand, China, and Indonesia are projected to witness a robust rise in the Asia Pacific market for crop protection chemicals market due to the increasing application of these chemicals in order to meet the growing requirement for food in this region.

Growing Demand for Strobilurin Boosts Europe Crop Protection Chemicals Market

Europe has also witnessed a healthy rise in the usage of crop protection chemicals in the recent times. The soaring demand for strobilurin, which is a fungicide, is propelling the market for crop protection chemicals in Europe. Germany, France, and Russia has been the leading consumers of these chemicals in this region.

Some of the leading crop protection chemical manufacturers across the world are Dow Chemical Co., Chemtura Corp., Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd., Dupont, Bayer CropScience AG, Nippon Soda Co. Ltd., Nufarm Ltd., Cheminova, BASF, and Syngenta AG.