Spending on Mobile TV Continues to Increase: Mobile TV Trending in Global Technology and Media Market

Published Date : Sep 14, 2016

The global mobile TV market is one of the significantly growing markets in the global technology and media industry. This is because of the rising advancements in the smart phones and smart devices. The advent of technology led to many options in smartphones. Operating systems such as Android and Windows have benefited the global mobile market. With consistent developments in the technology, mobile phone applications have reached many milestones.

Rising Use of Smartphones to Boost Global Mobile TV Market

The rising use of tablets and smartphones is expected to propel the global mobile TV market in the years to come. The advent of the internet has also helped key players in introducing pay TV applications and online TV applications for smartphones. The rise in data penetration and the easy availability of low cost smart devices are two of the key factors that can be credited for the growth of the global mobile TV market. 

Going forward, the demand for free-to-air mobile TV services and pay TV mobile services is expected to increase, which is another factor expected to propel the global market. 

Considering the growing demand for mobile TV, key companies are aiming to expand their reach across many regions. Smart technology has already remade many industries, and smartphones are not an exception. 

Companies Continue to Amalgamate to Add Mobile TV Services 

At present, a big lot of video companies, media and entertainment firms, and telecom industries are working together to bring innovations in mobile TV applications. Increase in bandwidth consumption, adding more video channels, increasing the quality of videos channels on mobile, and video transition to online streaming are some of the target areas for the video companies.  Going forward, the trends in mobile TV are expected to change as per the changing preferences of the patrons. 

Considering the success of the global mobile TV market, more startups are expected to enter the competition. With more mobile TV applications lined up in the pipeline, the global market is expected to be highly competitive. To maintain their dominance, some key companies are predicted to acquire the startup companies.