Demand for Agribots Slated to Pick Up as Farmers Look for Better Cultivation Methods

Published Date : Sep 14, 2016

The field of robotics has witnessed a radical development over the past few decades. Today, they are an integral part of automation, making tasks simpler and efficient. The adoption in agriculture has led to a drastic change in yield. Known as “agribots”, these robots are being used by farmers to reduce the human intervention, accelerate the pace of their tasks, and lessen the scope of accidents while working on agricultural sites. Analysts predict that the use of these robots in agriculture is expected to bring about transformation changes in the coming years. 

Efficiency of Results Boosts Uptake of Agribots

The reducing agricultural land due to urbanization and the rising population have created a massive issue of food security for several nations across the globe. In order to meet these demands, farmers are using agribots to optimize the cycles of seeding, watering, sowing, and harvesting. The benefits of agribots can be especially felt in harvesting as they perform tasks with unmatched accuracy and in lesser time. These automated machines are used for removing the weed from the crops, picking fruits, and cutting the harvest. Agribots can be seen in the form of tractors, drones, and other control systems. 

High Resolution Images Help Farmers to Work Better 

Agriculture drones are being increasingly used by farmers for the purpose of imaging farmlands and assessing it to understand its condition. Equipped with cameras, these drones operate on an autopilot mode and provide high resolution images. This has allowed the farmers to evaluate their crops and cultivation methods on weekly basis.The facility of global positioning systems (GPS) in agribots has also helped the farmers to gather vital information pertaining to the climate, which plays a key role in determining farming activities.