IoT Finds its Place in Connected Mining Technologies

Published Date : Sep 26, 2016

The mining and metals industry and all its relevant segments can expected to get themselves a major overhaul thanks to the incorporation of connected mining technologies. Things are, however, already being taken a step ahead, with the indoctrination of the Internet of Things concepts and technologies in to connected mining. Mining and resource extraction is as hazardous as it is complex, and worker safety is paramount regardless of the circumstance. Additionally, most mining companies are a part of extremely stretched out supply chains, therefore creating a large amount of volatility in demand and pricing. Top mining companies are capable of employing the latest innovations to stay afloat in this tumultuous market, while small and medium-sized companies can often hit roadblocks due to the lack of financial or human resources. This is expected to change soon with the introduction of IoT and connected mining.

Mining companies can chase higher levels of efficiency and productivity like never before, while maintaining all-time high standards of worker safety, thanks to modern implementations of connected mining. Top IT and mining companies have already successfully invested large sums into this global market after realizing the high returns that are to be gained from them.

Connected mining and IoT technologies can help achieve the mitigation of one of the most crucial problems that plague all mining companies: process failure and asset downtime. Through the modern implementations of connected mining, it is possible to achieve very high uptimes on mining assets while reducing failure rates to a bare minimum, if not completely eliminating them. Additional support by connected mining services include vehicle management and tracking. The use of these services can help a mining company achieve a high rate of asset monitoring and tracking. The use of GPS and RFID monitoring systems is now possible to be implemented by even small and medium scale companies, while also saving up on overall fuel costs. One of the most crucial aspects of IoT in mining can be the implementation of predictive maintenance in remote service management. Connected mining can also help in the near-perfect implementation of predictive mining methods to reduce the volume and value of maintenance resources.