New App Released By Instagram for Time-lapse Videos

Published Date : Aug 28, 2014

A new iPhone app called Hyperlapse was released by Instagram on Tuesday. This app erases out the disturbances and jitters caused in time-lapse videos. Interestingly, a similar technology was demonstrated by Microsoft a couple of weeks back and that too bearing the same name.

According to analysts, this app is a striking feature introduced in the video aspect of smart phones. Passage of time can be depicted by using a widely used video technique called time lapse. However, these effects can be created only with the help of a stationary camera. Maintaining this effect is way more challenging when the camera is moving and generally requires specialized equipments which may be costing around $15,000 or more.

The Instagram Hyperlapse is very easy to use since one doesn’t need to even create an Instagram account for it. And it opens up in the camera mode and only needs to be tapped to start recording and stop recording. 

Time-lapse videos started appearing on the internet soon after the release of this app. 
There need not be a zero sum game between Instagram and Microsoft even though their respective technologies exhibit noteworthy similarities. 

In recent times, the smart phones have penetrated into the camcorder and digital camera segment in the market. However, a striking feature in the market for camcorders has been the action-cam.  The mobile phone centric market has given way to the point-of-view camera market because the consumers are hesitant to put their mobile phones in harm’s way.