Self-service Kiosks to Focus on Non-traditional Roles: Mobile Charging Kiosks and Food Kiosk Trending Globally

Published Date : Oct 05, 2016

Long gone are the days when kiosk referred to the ATM machines that were installed near the banks. Technology introduced many other self-service kiosks thereafter. Nowadays, we find ATM kiosks, not only near the banks but also at the petrol pumps, on the highways, near restaurants, in supermarkets, at airports, at bus stands, or at any location. Thanks to their growing popularity, ATMs have even reached rural areas.

Today, food kiosks, vending kiosks, locker kiosks, mobile charging kiosks, and other self-service kiosks are trending in many regions across the globe. The global kiosks market is one of the promising markets in the global technology and media industry.

What Factors would Propel Demand for Kiosks?

The growing use of latest technology and the reducing cost of hardware have led to the rising use of kiosks for different services. A wide number of industries are planning to introduce self-service kiosks to offer their services and information.

The introduction of mobile charging kiosks led to the considerable growth of the global kiosks market. The availability of mobile charging points at restaurants, on highways, and at railway stations, airports, and bus stations have offered customer satisfaction on a large scale.

The competition in the global kiosks market is increasing as new players are introducing new self-service kiosks. This is expected to propel the global kiosk market in the long run. A wide number of vendors are consistently contributing to the development of new kiosks in different areas.

Food Kiosks to Increase in Emerging Nations

The rising number of food kiosks in the developed nations is predicted to propel the global kiosk market. The number of self-service food kiosk is also increasing in the developing nations, which is another factor propelling the market.

Healthcare Kiosks: The Future

Finding a nearby doctor or a hospital will be easy as key players operating in the global kiosks market are concentrating on introducing healthcare kiosks in prime locations. With healthcare kiosks, people will be able to book an appointment for their medical treatments at nearby hospitals. The healthcare sector is expected to increase its use and interest in healthcare kiosks in areas stretching from patient check-in and admission to doctor consultation and payment for the treatment.