Increasing Demand for Micro Servers in Cloud Data Centers to Drive Market Growth

Published Date : Oct 21, 2016

Thanks to the heightened demand for micro servers from small-, mid-, and large-size enterprises, the global market is witnessing a significant phase of growth. The increase in the demand for dense, low-cost, yet power-efficient micro servers in cloud data centers has emerged as the key driving factor behind the growth of the market for micro servers across the world.

Asia Pacific Slated to Report Fastest Growth among Regional Segments

The worldwide micro servers market is spread across North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. Currently, the global industry is led by North America and the scenario is expected to remain the same over the forthcoming years.

Other geographical segments are also reporting a sturdy rise in their share on account of a swift surge in media storage- and data center-based applications. Asia Pacific, among these, is likely to register the most prominent growth over the next few years. The significant development in infrastructure for data centers and cloud-based services in Asia Pacific is likely to fuel the demand for micro servers in Asian economies, such as India, China, and, Japan, leading to a remarkable rise in Asia Pacific market for micro servers.

Demand for Efficient Computing Products to Compel Players to Focus on Innovation

The global market for micro servers is witnessing immense demand for efficient computing products, which has compelled market participants to increase their focus on product innovation and advancement of the existing portfolio. Partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, and collaborations are some of the popular strategies practiced by the leading participants of this market looking for business development.

Penguin Computing, Fujitsu, ARM, Hewlett-Packard Co., Marvell Technology, Dell Inc., Intel Corp., MITAC, Advanced Micro Devices, SuperMicro Computers, Tyan Computers, Plat’Home, Boston, Cavium, Quanta Computer, and Acer are the key players operating in the market for micro servers across the world.