Chinese Students Fair Well in Australia

Published Date : Sep 01, 2014

The teaching methods in schools of China are superior as compared to any other schools Shanghai. According to the news, the Chinese students studying in Australia fair better in the math subject.  

This new study found that Chinese students with a sound background in Australian schools scored 615 in math. This score was compared to the 600 Shanghai students which compares 15-year-olds in the OECD 2009 PISA test. PISA stands for Program for International Student Assessment. 

The math score of students in Australian schools was 514 in the test, highly below to the Chinese students scored in Shanghai and Australia. 

These test results are outstanding due to the better teaching methods and educational policies in Shanghai and other effective schools in Asia, said authors of Journal of Education Policy in a research study. 

The study also reveals that these beliefs are far deeper as it appears to be. It is also due to the values and culture instilled by the Chinese parents in children for educational achievements and the practice of admitting children to cram schools explains all the success of students scoring high in different subjects, particularly math. Hence, whether the students are educated in a Chinese school or an Australian, results are bound to soar. 

A study also stated that New Zealand based Chinese students perform excellent in Shanghai as well as outperform all New Zealand students. It is seen that cultural background gains higher ratio than an exposure to various educational systems of New Zealand or Australia, added the authors Adam Lefstein and Yariv Feniger – Ben-Gurion ¬University, Israel.