Copious Number of Surgeries make Europe and North America Leaders in Global Market for Medical Protective Clothing

Published Date : Dec 06, 2016

Protective clothing is used in many industries such as oil and gas, construction and manufacturing, healthcare, and mining. Among them, the demand from the medical/healthcare industry for protective clothing has been robust on account of the industry outpacing all others vis-à-vis growth. In fact, the global market for medical protective clothing has already seen substantial growth in North America and Europe, owing to maximum surgeries being carried out in the regions and also due the encouraging initiatives of the federal governments. Presence of a large number of prominent companies too have boosted growth in the two continents. Asia-Pacific, though not a developed market like North America and Europe, spells a lot of potential for manufacturers, feel experts.

Different Varieties of Medical Clothing Available in Markets

Medical protective clothing saves medical/healthcare professionals from pathogens that can cause harm and patients from hazards posed by non-sterile garments. They are characterized by lightweight materials, adjustable closures, and flexible compositions. Depending upon the requirement, there are different types of medical protective clothing that can be procured from the market. Examples include safety glasses or face shields, lab coats, masks, scrubs, gloves, covers for shoes and boots, and surgical gowns. Safety glasses, also known as plastic goggles, serve the function of protecting against fluids such as vomit, excrement, or blood. Masks are used to cover nose and mouth so that microorganisms are not exhaled in a sterile atmosphere. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) masks are particularly effective in this direction.

Besides Surgeries, Demand for Quality Care by Patients also Drives Growth

A mind-boggling number of surgeries, whose number only seems to be increasing at a relentless pace on account of a burgeoning elderly population and rising instances of chronic diseases, has majorly contributed to the global market for medical protective clothing. For example, total knee replacement and spinal surgeries account for the bulk of surgeries conducted in the U.S. This coupled with rising awareness about medical protective clothing and demand for quality care by in-hospital patients has also boosted the market. Robust competition among companies to supply better products has further driven growth.