Higher Employment in the Food and Drinks Sector of Scotland

Published Date : Sep 02, 2014

The food and beverage sector of Scotland will witness the creation of about 10,000 new jobs due to higher investment in this sector. According to a report of the Bank of Scotland, out of 100 Scottish businesses dealing in food and beverage, about 66% had plans of enhancing their workforces which would lead to the creation of almost 2000 positions by the year 2019. Close to 10,000 newer jobs can be created in the food and beverage industry if such a business plan can be implemented on a larger scale. 

According to the Bank of Scotland’s SME area director, the food and beverage sector of Scotland is a major contributor to the entire economy of Scotland with the workforce expansion plan, this sector will become stronger. The performance of the food and beverage sector of Scotland has gone beyond expectations in recent years and it had been growing consistently even during the economic downswing. It is expected that this sector will grow significantly in the forthcoming five years. 

This report also suggests that almost 60% of the food and beverage companies are planning to attract customers from overseas in the years to come. About 85% of the companies are targeting Western Europe and 67% of the companies have earmarked Asia and the Far East.

Almost 50% of the food and beverage companies stated that the biggest obstacle in the way of expansion was the paucity of time and limited resources. Sustainability and fluctuating input prices are the other additional problems facing this sector.