Automakers in Low Income Nations Compromising on Safety Measures

Published Date : Jun 06, 2017

Automakers in Low Income Nations Compromising on Safety Measures

With a staggering number of over 1.3 mn people getting killed in road crashes each year worldwide, there is a need for automakers to commit to safety. It has been found that more than 90% of the fatalities occur in countries with low to medium incomes. These nations ought to take a leaf out of American automobile manufacturers’ books, who have made immense progress in the last few decades in improving car safety in the U.S. Celebrating these accomplishments this week at the 25th International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles, Global NCAP Secy Gen David Ward and Michael Bloomberg stated that many times cars are being sold without basic safety protection, thus failing to protect passengers in crashes above 56 kmph. This has resulted in many car crashes killing people, who could have survived if automakers followed safety norms.

Incorporation of Safety Measures Barely Costs but Can Save Invaluable Life

Meeting safety standards is not as expensive as we think. The inclusion of safety measures and following safety rankings can only make a difference of a couple of hundred dollars, which is obviously nothing as compared to the life it could save. Hence, the arguments carried out by automakers that manufacturing cars without basic safety measures and airbags helps them in producing economical cars, affordable to most low income markets, are incorrect. Because this is about life and death of car passengers, the incorporation of safety measures will barely impact affordability.

Did You Know? Some of the Best Selling Cars have Zero Safety Ratings!

Yes its true! Cars such as Chevrolet Beat may be one of the top selling cars in Mexico but the test crashes carried out by the Latin New Car Assessment Program has resulted in the car receiving a zero out of five stars! However, the same version of this car, known as Spark in America is being sold with the highest possible safety measures!