NASA Unveils Concept - A Futuristic Mars Rover Vehicle

Published Date : Jun 08, 2017

At the first glance, the design seems out of a science fiction. In reality, however, the purpose it is designed to achieve is nothing less than a big-time science affair. As NASA continues chalking plans for exploring MARS, Concept -the Mars rover vehicle was revealed at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. The purpose behind this futuristic vehicle to inspire researchers as NASA continues creating plans for journey to the Red Planet.

Concept - Futuristic Mars Rover Vehicle Unvieled during “Summer of Mars”

The visitor complex commenced its “Summer of Mars” promotion in June 5th, with a ceremony, which had appearance from Scott Kelly, a former astraunaut. Delighting audiences Kelly shared his experiences during a yearlong stay at the International Space Station between March 2015 and February 2016. Besides this, the “Summer of Mars” program is slated to reveal surveys on NASA’s stiudies on Mars, as told by Rebecca Shireman, public relations assistant manager for Kennnedy visitor complex.

She also said that this was a comprehensive effort to review NASA’s efforts of exploring the Red Planet and look on what could be planned in the coming years. This sole intend of the program to enthuse young scholars to want to learn more Mars and be a part of NASA’s studies to find life in the planet.

According to reports, NASA’s robotic Mars rover vehicle is slated to land on Mars in 2020 to search signs of microbial life in the planet and bring samples back on the Earth.