Mercy Health Creates Model for Linking Poor to Healthcare

Published Date : Jun 08, 2017

As governments gear to bring advanced healthcare closer to remote locations and poor in the society, investments in programs enabling to achieve the goal are rising. In one such effort, the Franklin Avenue Medical Center was held in Toledo’s center city. The center sees attendance from nearly two thousand people seeking medical attention. A majority of them are poor, homless, or already ill.

Linda Bert, who is the regional manager for Mercy Health revealed some of the patients visiting the center wouldn’t be alive if they didn’t organize the health center and help the critical patients with proper care and mediction. She further added as majority of the visitors can barely manage two whole meals of a day, it is next to impossible for them to cover medical expenses. Healthcare to them is a form luxury, which they cannot afford.

Besides Healthcare, Mercy Health Offers Food and Clothing Assistance

Considering economic conditions of the majority of visitors, Mercy Health has arranged a small food and clothing bank to support people with staples besides providing them with basic healthcare facilities.

Veronica Cooper, one of the patients visiting Mercy Health said without the service it would have become very difficult for her to manage healthcare expenses. While Veronica is aware of the facilities provided by Mercy Health, several homeless in the community do not know about clothing and food assistance offered by Mercy Health.

Furthermore, Tammy Vaughan added that Mercy Health was a life saver, when her husband lost job and with it the medical insurance. She said, Mercy Health made healthcare more convinient and affordable.