Alexa-Powered Voice Controls by Amazon to Take Viewing Experience to New High

Published Date : Jun 09, 2017

Amazon recently announced a new tool, called Video Skill API, for developers that will allow cable and satellite TV companies, streaming services and other content providers to enable their consumers use Alexa-powered voice control to their apps. Using simple voice commands, users have already been able to navigate popular apps such as Netflix, and manage their favorite shows and music. The new tool will expectedly elevate the entertainment experience of viewers to the next level.

Popular Content Service Providers Begin Updating Their Apps

The tool will allow the owners of Echo and Alexa devices using different apps to meet a variety of their entertainment needs. They will be able to find movies or shows, search across different genres, and play or pause content at will, simply with the use of voice commands.

Streaming service or other content providers can use various functionalities of integrated entertainment apps, but only after developers have updated the applications. According to Amazon, a few companies have already jumped on the bandwagon by rolling out updated apps integrated with Video Skill API. Popular content service providers include Dish, NetGem and YouView.

Amazon Collaborating with Content Service Providers to Speed up Integration

The prominent U.S. TV provider Dish has announced its Alexa integration in May this year that allowed its subscribers to control digital video recorders using voice commands. Customers using Dish’s Wally and Hopper receivers can easily configure their Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap speakers and after a simple setup can use Dish equipment to get a hands-free experience. Amazon is collaborating with other content service providers; however, the apps are still in developmental phase and hence the technology major hasn’t shared much details.

Apart from being able to control video apps using Video Skill API, consumers can also import the provider’s catalog. This will boost the accuracy of response by Alexa’s powered devices and enhance the overall viewing experience. All this can be achieved by the viewer without any technical skill or expertise.