Make Way for a Mouse Pad that Charges Wireless Mouse

Published Date : Jun 13, 2017

Technology does not fail to surprise us and Logitech’s new mouse pad has diverted all the attention to itself. Logitech has made use of powerplay technology to build wireless charging directly in the mouse pad. This means the wireless mouse will be constantly charging while it remains on the pad. After being led down by feeble battery performances, this new mouse pad with charging abilities is sure to impress everyone.

Powerplay Technology in Pad Enables Charging of Wireless Mouse without Causing Interference

While the use of Qi makes just one corner of the mouse pad into a charging facility, Logitech’s use of Powerplay enables the charging of the compatible wireless mouse, wherever it has been placed and however it has been moving. While the compatibility of this Powerplay pad is not listed with Mac, it is still astounding as to the idea of a wireless mouse charging easily as it lies over the pad, without resulting in any interference during data transfer, or when the mouse is communicating with the laptop or PC.

G903 and G703: The Two Logitech Mice Compatible with Powerplay Technology Pads

Logitech G Powerplay will be released in August and is expected to be priced around 100$. Logitech has also officially announced the two mice which will be compatible with this super cool Powerplay pad. Named G903 and G703, these two mice are modest upgrades from G900 and G403 respectively. These two new compatible mice make use of PMW3366 optical sensors and come with improved switches that are durable. The price of G903 and G703 will be $149.99 and $99.99 respectively when they come out for sale