Goodera Bags US$5.5 mn in Series-A Funding from Omidyar Network and Nexus Venture Partners

Published Date : Jun 14, 2017

Goodera, a global corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability platform that connects enterprises with non-profit organization bags US$5.5 mn from Omidyar Network and Nexus Venture Partners in a series-A funding. Formerly known as NextGen, the company plans to utilize this investment to strengthen its product portfolio and boost its expansion in the U.S. and India.

On Goodera’s platform, enterprises and non-profit organizations can have complete visibility over both, the development of their CSR projects and the measure-impact assessment, which leads to efficient governance for enterprises in planning out and managing their CSR activities.

The startup provides services to nearly150 large enterprises and helps them manage their CSR projects and involve their employees through volunteering. More than 10% of the total CSR capital of India’s corporates is managed through Goodera’s platform, claims the company.

Goodera Platform Aims to Enable Enterprises to Take Fact-driven Decisions

Goodera was founded in 2014 with an objective to provide a platform to enterprises involved in CSR activities and help them calculate the measure of the impact made through their programs. As of now, there are over 0.2 million staff on its volunteering platform.

Richa Bajpai, co-CEO, Goodera, said that “CSR activities are required to go beyond the traditional quarterly report mail with a poor child’s picture to finding the answers to real questions, such as where the funds were spent and how efficiently a project was serving the beneficiaries.” “From Excel sheets to automation to insights, the entire CSR lifecycle gets revived through the Goodera platform so that corporates can take fact-driven decisions,” she further added.