Microsoft to Take on Sony’s PlayStation with Xbox One X

Published Date : Jun 14, 2017

Microsoft introduced Xbox One X on Sunday, June 11, 2017. According to the technology giant, it is the most powerful video console made ever. With this, Microsoft aims to take on Sony’s PlayStation, the reigning king of the market.

Phil Spencer, the Xbox team leader, said that the video console, priced at a hefty US$499 and built with a muscle for a seamless game on ultra-high-definition (UHD) televisions will be available to be sold across the world by November 09, 2017. The much-anticipated gaming console, which was named Scorpio during the development phase, was introduced at a Microsoft event just before the official inauguration of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. 42 upcoming games with 22 titles specially customized to be exclusively played on Xbox One gaming consoles have also been introduced by Microsoft.

Revival of Assassin’s Creed on Microsoft’s Agenda

A number of independent players are continuously making blockbuster titles for PlayStation, Xbox, and personal computer hardware in a bid to reach a wider range of audience. The new games on the Microsoft’s list consist of a new installment of France-based Ubisoft’s “Assassin's Creed”, with which, the world’s number one technology provider intends to revive the long-running franchise by taking the participants back to the roots of the narrative in ancient Egypt.

Among the expected themes in this week at E3 is the Game play on 4K screens, both on televisions and personal computer monitors. The trend of virtual reality games is also moving upward with recent advancements enabling ultra-rich visuals.