Facebook takes Stern Steps for Removing Terrorist Content

Published Date : Jun 19, 2017

Lately, Facebook has been criticized a lot for not taking proper measures in order to eliminate terrorist content from their website. A lot of activities have spurred up that are illegal and related to terrorist activities, in Facebook. Thus, to address these issues, Facebook has recently unveiled that it will take and is one the verge of taking serious and noteworthy steps for eliminating the contents from the social media site that has terror related links. The move is said to have risen after the rising pressure from governments across the globe for technology and media companies to take show extra concern over materials with terrorist propaganda and take them down.

Issues Related to Safe Space

The ability if terrorist associations to use social media and technology to recruit and radicalize people has given rise to alarming concerns for companies in the field of media and technology. They have been utterly criticized for serving as potential platforms that are being used by illegal and terrorist associations for spreading extremist ideology and trigger violent activities. The government of the U.K especially has been adamant on taking stringent actions in media and social platforms for removing these contents as the social space is getting infected by disturbing contents with every passing day.

Initiatives Taken by Facebook

After various stern calls from major governments across the globe and campaigns to create a new legal policy for companies on failing to eliminate terrorist contents, Facebook said that it is duly committed towards finding advanced methods for material and content removal and has also started taking steps towards resolving this alarming issue. It has earlier announced the addition of over 3,000 employees for reviewing content which is identified by users.