New MR System to Provide Comfortable and Quieter Examinations

Published Date : Jun 23, 2017

Toshiba Medical, the provider of diagnostic medical imaging solutions has introduced a new MR system. This new MR system ensures quiet and comfortable examination ensuring enhanced comfort to patients. Named Vantage Titan / Zen Edition 1.5T MR system, this device has multiple tools for patient comfort, clinical applications, and new workflow enhancements. The Pianissimo Zen of the Vantage Titan reduces the sound by 99% while the acquisition of the scan, and this provides quiet exams and comfort to patients. By delivering this MR system device with advanced technology and patient-friendly characteristics, the company hopes to provide examinations that are comfortable, faster, and quieter. 

 Use of Ultrashort Echo Time Helps in Imaging Lungs and Musculoskeletal

The system uses EasyTech for consistent image quality and automatic slice alignment so as to deliver enhanced workflow with automatic positioning that comes into aid during complex examinations such as neuro, spine, and cardiac. Toshiba Medical expanded the clinical capabilities of MR systems by the inclusion of Ultrashort Echo Time (UTE). UTE helps in the capturing of tissue images that may otherwise not be available for accurate imaging since they disappear quickly. UTE also enables the imaging of anatomies such as the lungs and the musculoskeletal (MSK) to allow the treatment and diagnosis of patients by giving additional information.

Enhancing Cardiac Capabilities with T1 Mapping

This new MR system enhances cardiac capabilities by including T1 mapping and multi-echo T2 mapping. The phase-sensitive inversion recovery (PSIR) has also been added to improve the cardiac capabilities of the device. The T1 mapping with modified look-locker inversion (MOLLI) sequence helps in providing a quantitative characterization of myocardial tissue in a single breath hold.