Street Lights to Help Charge Electric Cars Thanks to Ubitricity

Published Date : Jun 23, 2017

If you drive an electric car and stay at hounslow, you can now request a charging point from the council and you can expected three installations near your home. The council’s active involvement to motivate the use of electric vehicles is encouraging. You simply have to order an ubitricity cable, plug in, and start charging your electric car. The hounslow council in London is converting its streetlights into energy efficient LEDs with integrated electric vehicle charging points.  This innovative solution is created by German manufacturer ubitricity and features a built-in electric meter and a custom charging cable. Electric car drivers can thus order this ubitricity cable.

Drivers can Benefit from Existing Electricity Infrastructure

The charging cable from ubitiricity has to be plugged into standard electrical outlets, with the help of the software that enables remote billing. ubitricity not only keeps a tab on charging but also reimburses people or companies that host these charging sessions. The system is designed to take advantage of existing electricity infrastructure. Electric car drivers can use electricity without the risk of seemingly stealing power which is paid for, by someone else.

Eliminates Need for Dedicated Charging Stations

The German company, with its design changes a charging cord and smartphone into mobile electric meter can be implemented on a large scale easily and eliminates the need to create dedicated charging stations for electric cars. It also enables enhanced flexibility and allows electric car drivers to charge periodically at times and areas where permanent charging stations is not at all practical.