Google to Stop Gmail Ad-targeting Scanning

Published Date : Jun 27, 2017

Users of Gmail are very well aware and are the daily victims of advertisement mails that they are bombarded with daily on their mails. This is basically due to the scanning that Gmail does of the user emails for targeting them with personalized advertisements. It is not only annoying but also eats up a lot of space of the mail storage due to which many important mails are ignored at times. Recently, to address this issue, Google announced that it has decided to not continue with the scans of the users of Gmail in order to relief them for personalized advertisements. The technology firm revealed this change in a blog during the end of the previous week. Google had promised to make this move before the end of this year in order to introduce the consumer version of Gmail as a new addition to its business edition. Over the years, the firm has been the subject of criticism for email scanning for personalized advertisements.

Details of Gmail Man

The measure initially justified the actual cost of offering the users one gigabyte of FREE storage space in the webmail in 2004. This offer was initially thought of as a joke when people learnt about it as it was higher than the prevailing competition at that time. But, a campaign group based in the U.K. named Privacy International tried blocking the scans once it was clear that they were the cost that the user was paying for signing up the service. The organization tried ample times but initially failed. After a decade, Microsoft revealed in a series of advertisements in which is depicted the “Gmail Man” penetrating through people’s mail and then accused the giant for “crossing the lien.”

Privacy campaigners and users are welcoming this move and other companies are expected to see this as a prospect to put a halt to invasive snooping activities for advertising reasons.