Russia at receiving end of Gruesome Cyber Attack

Published Date : Jun 28, 2017

An aggressive cyber-attack paralyzed several Ukrainian banks, multinational firms, and Russia’s leading oil company. The virus was similar to Ransomware, which negative impacted about 300,000 computers in May 2016. The virus infected the systems on Tuesday and has once again initiated the debate about how poorly business secure their data. The cyber extortion campaign has shown that it is perfectly capable of shutting down curial infrastructure and making the government as well as private sector exceptionally helpless. The ripples of this attack were also felt across businesses in Asia Pacific as European companies took a hit. It is report that Indian leading container port, the Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT), was also affected.

The ransomware virus is known to have a code called ‘Eternal Blue’, which several experts believe has been stolen from the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and that it was also used in the “WannaCry” cyber-attack. The CEO of Secure Ideas stated that companies just haven’t put in adequate effort to secure themselves from these gruesome attacks.

Companies Fail to Secure Systems against Cyber Threats Despite Efforts by Governments

Companies such as Beiersdorf, which also owns Enfamil and Lysol were affected by Tuesday’s attack. Cadbury, in Australia was also at the receiving end of it. Similarly, Hobart factory also had to stop their production activities in Tasmania as the computer systems stopped working. Despite the efforts made by governments and security to warn computers that were updated with Microsoft patches to defend against such threats, little has been done about it.