Novel Technology to Enable Google Photos Offer Shared Libraries, Smarter Sharing, and Suggestions

Published Date : Jun 29, 2017

Google is all geared to roll out its novel sharing functionality today, upping its game in Google Photos. The upgrade was first unveiled at the I/O developer conference, the company organized in May this year. Besides AI-powered Suggested Sharing, Google with be launching Shared Libraries. Both the functionalities are designed to offer more social experience in the Google Photos app, rather than keeping it restricted as a personal data of photo memories.

For years companies have tried figuring out ways of leveraging technology to enable users share photos clicked using their smartphones. Earlier, apps such as Flock, which Google has acquired, used location to tie various sets of pictures together, even if they were saved on phones of different users. Other applications such as Cluster and Bundle tried to help users organize their photos better into albums, thinking it would solve problems associated with sharing photos. There were other who tried mimicking texting as means of improving photo-sharing. However, none of them could find enough traction and several such applications were eventually taken down.

Google and Facebook Stalwarts in Photo Sharing Technologies

Despite efforts by several players in the market, the most progress in the field is achieved by technology giants such as Google and Facebook, all thanks to the technologies such as artificial intelligence and facial recognition they use. Besides this, the sizeable base of users Facebook and Google boast have helped them in achieving the smarter technology, as they are not required to spend time on building social network.

Similar to Google Photos, Facebook has Moments, which identifies the people in the photos saved in your mobile phone, then groups them into albums, and then prompts users to share them online with a simple click.