Petya not a Ransomware but Cyber-attack Targeting Ukraine with Collateral Damage Witnessed in India

Published Date : Jun 29, 2017

As per reports doing rounds across enterprise cyber security organizations and as guess by independent researchers Petya malware, also known as NotPetya malware is not a ransomware but a targeted attack against companies and government bodies in Ukraine. The effect of the same has however percolated in India.

The cyber-attack occurred on the eve of 21st anniversary of Eastern European country’s adoption of constitution. This attack was further using a hostile software update, especially on systems with M.E.Doc, which is a software tool used by organizations in Ukraine for accounting processes. While speaking to one of the leading dailies, CTO of Fire Eye, Bryce Boland said that hue and cry around the world terming Petya as a ransomware is false. Instead the attack is potentially targeted against a particular company.  He added discussions around WannaCry was only a ploy to distract the rest of the world from what has occurred in the Ukraine. As a result businesses and entities operating with companies in Ukraine fell vulnerable to the attack as well.

India Suffered Collateral Damage of Cyber-attack Directed at Ukraine

Amol Mathur, Director at the Product Management & Strategy and Cloud Security Departments in Akamai Technologies reiterated the same, stating the problems witness in India and other countries dealing with Ukrainian enterprises are just collateral damage. However, the virus did not impact India as bad as WannaCry did. He said that systems of AP Moller-Maersk, which is also deployed at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, fell vulnerable to the attack. However, the possibility of the infection vector spreading across Indian companies via their Ukrainian counterparts is high.