Qualcomm to Introduce Fingerprint Sensors that Work Underwater

Published Date : Jul 04, 2017

On Tuesday, Qualcomm has announced at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai, the development of new fingerprint sensors which can even work beneath a phone’s display and even underwater! The new fingerprint sensors can also work through glass and metal. The new sensors would work with older generations of Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips, including the 200 series and 630 and 660 chips

By early 2018, Qualcomm hopes to sell its first commercial devices that make use of fingerprint sensors that are present underside of metal and glass. Devices with sensors that can work under the display will come out in the markets by summer 2018, said Qualcomm. The company is planning to offer samples to phone manufacturers by this October, so that they can work with it. 

Attempt to Manufacture Bezel-less Devices

The step taken by Qualcomm to move the fingerprint sensor below the display of phones is simply a step taken towards manufacturing a device which is devoid of bezel or bezel-less. The latest release by Samsung, Galaxy S8 moved the fingerprint scanner from the home button to the back of the phone, in an attempt to remove the home button altogether and make a more spacious screen.

Trend of All-screen Devices to Remain in Market

The trend of all-screen is expected to remain a trend as many new phones are expected to have fingerprint sensors on the back such as Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 and Andy Rubin's Essential Phone. Last Thursday, Vivo, the Chinese brand insinuated that it may introduce its first phone that integrates a fingerprint sensor into the screen.