Oil and Gas Sector: Digital Experts Will be Required in Coming Years

Published Date : Jul 04, 2017

The oil and gas industry needs digital experts and to meet this need, a combination of fresh talent from outside the sector and the training and upskilling of existing staff will be required. In spite of the long downturn of the oil cost, the industry is buoyant and there is a hope for recovery in the coming two years, feel most of the respondents to a survey participated by over 2000 industry professionals. Many of the survey respondents feel that the downturn has led to the side effects that have actually been a boon to the oil and gas market such as improved productivity, increased innovation, and also enhanced level of decision making.

Oil and Gas Companies Will See a Need for Professionals from IT Sector

Companies need to build a brand that stands out by providing a variety of work opportunities and training to existing workers and those who are hired newly, said the CEO of Petroplan, Rory Ferguson. There is also a recognition that technology will play an important role in the industry in the years to come. This is expected to create a need for companies to develop IT expertise and attract professionals from the IT sector who may be graduates or mid-career professionals who may have never considered a career at the oil and gas sector. In order that the oil and sector is supported, recruiters shall also need to be proactive with their networks and resources. This will create a demand for talented professionals