Premium Smartphone by RED at US$1,200 Comes with Holographic Display

Published Date : Jul 07, 2017

The Red Digital Cinema Camera Company (RED), a U.S.-based manufacturer of digital cinematography and photography cameras, announced on July 6, 2017 the launch of high-end smartphone it called Hydrogen One. The flagship feature of the premium phone, projects the maker, is referred to as ‘holographic display’. According to a recent press release by the company, the phone is equipped with nanotechnology that will help users make a seamless transition across 2D content, 3D display, holographic multi-view content, and a host of interactive games.

Display Technology Never Seen Before With Immersive Audio Experience

Hailed as a breakthrough in display technology, Jim Jannard, founder of RED, the features’ description can’t be put in words, but is a thing to experience and revel in by the users. The innovative display is different from all earlier technologies tried before, like the ones offered by stalwarts Google and Samsung on its phones, which typically comes equipped with latest 3D view.

Hydrogen One possesses a 5.7-inch display and is modular in nature, with the functionality to scale up with attachments, similar to those found in Moto Z line or the Essential Phone. However, the defining feature will be a unique image capture capability. In addition, the smartphone with the help of an algorithm converts stereo sound into a sort of multi-dimensional audio, enhancing the immersive experience for the user.

Design and Price Subject to Change

According to the company, the shipment of the phone will start early in 2018 and currently can be preordered. The aluminum version is prices at US$1,195 and above, while titanium variant boasts of a higher price of US$1,595. The features, however, are not fixed and even the design is subject to change, disclosed the company. All the preorders may not get fulfilled due to constraints in production of displays. Moreover, the prices can’t be guaranteed at the time of the release.

Until the exact specifications are revealed, the high-end phone may end as just another android, albeit with significant advancements, believes media and technology experts.