Oculus to Reduce it Hardware Price Temporarily

Published Date : Jul 12, 2017

Oculus, the Facebook-owned virtual reality firm, is reducing the price of its hardware for the time being, as the industry is trying to figure out why the technology for immersive stories and games has not been well received among consumers. “The company is decreasing the collective price of its Touch Controller and Rift Headset to US$399 beginning from the coming Monday for the next six weeks,” told Jason Rubin, the vice president for content at Oculus.

With this step, the company is trying to match with the price of PlayStation VR, Sony’s virtual reality set. Vive, the HTC’s VR set, is of US$799 and the enterprise is not considering any price cut in the recent times.

For the acquisition of Oculus, Facebook had to shell out US$3 bn in 2014. At that time, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook, stated that the medium, which provides a 360-degree panoramic view via headsets, would become an integral part of the day-to-day life for a billion of people in the near future. Till now, this has not happened and the reason behind is still unclear.

Many a times, pricing discounts are a viewed as a remedy for weak product sales. Jason, however, has claimed that this is not the case with Oculus. The price of Oculus was also reduced US$798 to US$598 in March this year. In May, it closed the doors of its Story Studio to focus more on external content makers.