Smart Device that Reads for Visually Impaired People

Published Date : Jul 13, 2017

The OrCam MyEye is a tiny wearable device, having secret powers to those with vision problems. The device is so tiny that it can be clipped to your seeing glasses, and yet it is equipped with camera, speaker and a cable that connects to a bigger device. The device can help visually impaired people to read. For using the device, all you need to you is point your finger to what you are looking at and then wait for it to read. Simply a finger needs to be moved around or the palm of your hand needs to be placed on the text for this intelligent device to stop reading. One can read newspaper as well as the ingredients of a biscuit packet. In case a user is holding the object with the text upside down, this smart device asks you to flip it!

Facial Recognition to Top it All

The device’s functionality does not end here. If one is holding a 50$ bill, it will tell you so and what is more- the device can also read texts in foreign language and translate it without any further delay! It can recognize face and helps a visually impaired person to know who is standing in front of them. All you got to do is to look towards a person who is speaking to you. The device will tell you the name of the person if you have previously saved or recorded their face, and in the case of an unknown person, the device will inform you that the person in front of you is a stranger.