Sales of Semiconductors in Europe Notch US$3.27 billion Mark With 14.9% YoY Growth

Published Date : Sep 03, 2014

In July 2014, the sales of semiconductors in Europe touched US$ 3.27 billion, soaring 14.9% over the same period last year. These figures, released by the European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA), were based on the latest sales reports from WSTS.

The growth rate of the European semiconductor market is well above the global average, and is a vital indicator of the sustained and continued growth of the overall semiconductor market in Europe.

From the global perspective, semiconductor sales in July 2014 were recorded as being US$28.072 billion, marking a 2.7% spike over June 2014. A three-month rolling average is factored into these figures.

The key product categories within the European semiconductor market that showed robust growth were: discrete devices, MOS MPU, and optoelectronics. In July, higher sales were also marked in semiconductor devices that were meant for use in specific applications. Most notable was a rise in the sales of semi devices for automotive and computer applications.  Higher consumption of semiconductors also indicates the overall health of these two industries. 

However, the semiconductor market in Europe could not escape the impact of currency fluctuations, especially the dollar. Converted to Euros, the total sales of semiconductors amounted to 2.402 billion euros. This indicates an increase of 3.6% as compared to the figures in June 2014. As compared to the July 2013 figures, the sales reflect an increase of 10.2%.