Mission to Pacific Plastic Plague Region

Published Date : Jul 17, 2017

Plastic waste is a serious concern with it spreading across land and water areas. Recently, an expedition was launched around the Robin Crusoe Island and Easter Island for collecting samples of water that have been contaminated because of regular dumping of plastic wastes. Captain Charles Moore was a crucial part of a tram which first discovered the ocean “garbage patch” in the North Pacific gyre. This discovery was made in the year 1997 and now this team has turned their attention towards the South Pacific areas to discover more such patches of debris in the ocean. Very few scientists have till now explored the Southern Hemisphere for collecting samples of plastic debris.

Further into Exploration

Dr. Erik van Sebille who is an oceanographer from Utrecht University said that the research and exploration activity being undertaken by Captain Moore and his team will help in fill a huge knowledge gap regarding the information of ocean plastics. Captain Moore further revealed that the area that is occupied by the sub-tropical gyres is almost the same size as the complete land mass of the planet. These areas are now being contaminated by trash. This phenomenon related to oceanic garbage spots was initially documented in the Northern Pacific region but plastic garbage is now being found in the Mediterranean, Arctic, and the Southern Pacific regions as well. It was a quite shocking revelation that it has become comparatively easier to find plastic on ocean nowadays.

Captain Moore is also the founder of the Algalita Marine Research group which is a non-profit organization which aims to address the issues related to plastic plague being found in the ocean.