Transitioning Human Body towards Robotic Adoption

Published Date : Jul 17, 2017

It has always been a burning talk of the table that the day is not far when humans would be overthrown by their own Frankenstein, that is the artificial intelligence or robots that they created to support their own tasks and make them easy. But there is a slight twist in the scenario. Rather than robots taking over mankind as it is a situation that would arise after decades, something more immediate is being researched upon now.

What will be the situation if humans decide to convert themselves into robots?

The Head of Biomechatronics Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor Hugh Herr, said that human history is at a key transition phase. He further said that the aim of the group is to establish the conditions that are pertaining to technology and science that will ultimately eradicate disability, whether through amputation or paralysis.

But the question here is how will humans be posed when this particular goal is achieved in future? On this note, Professor Herr said that they are fusing the build world together with the nervous system. They are on the verge of transitioning from a collaboration that uses technology separately from the human nervous system to a completely novel epoch of incorporation of human physiology.

What more?

For further information, Professor Hugh Herr is a double amputee. He has a pair of sophisticated and highly advanced bionic legs that enable him to move with natural ease and poise. One of the researcher at the lab demonstrated the method in which they are using the sensors. This is prominent as it helps the led to function according to different functions that the normal led performs. The motor used in the prosthetic legs works in a way that triggers an actual biological ankle joint.