Google Glass Re-launches Smart Eyewear

Published Date : Jul 19, 2017

After almost two years, Google is ready to sell the re-engineered version of its smart glasses to companies who have partnered with Goggle for selling Glass Enterprise Edition. The company further added that Glass Enterprise Edition has an enhanced battery life and is more comfortable for wearing it for long time. Nevertheless, it still looks like the same old model with an in-built camera and a small transparent display. Google Glass will face severe competition from HoloLens launched by Microsoft. Many had contemplated that after Tony Fadell, the executive in charge, resigned last year, the project had been called off.

Further Into It

Even after contemplation regarding the project to have been cancelled, the X division of Alphabet continued its journey to develop and further enhance the technology. Jay Kothari, the project lead informed that specialists in many fields, such as assembling, coordination, field administrations, and human services think that it’s valuable to counsel a wearable gadget for data and different assets while their hands are occupied. This is the core reason that the team spent two years developing a customized business and software solutions for people in these type of work arenas. The team constituted over 30 expert partners.

Enhancements over the prior Explorer Edition include:

  • an all the more effective processor
  • an eight megapixel camera, up from 5MP preceding
  • the camera catch now serves as an approach to disengage the gadgets from their edge, making it less demanding to connect them to remedy and wellbeing glasses
  • the battery life goes on for around eight hours of common utilize barring video spilling, up from around five hours prior
  • more powerful Wi-Fi network

Google sold the first model release for £1,000.