European Space Agency Calls off LISA Pathfinder

Published Date : Jul 19, 2017

The European Space Agency sent LISA Pathfinder into the space in 2015 for proving that core technologies that could be employed on future projects for detecting gravitational waves. Gravitational waves are the ripples that cause disturbance in space-time whenever a collision between black holes occurs. The satellite proved its excellent capabilities when it outstandingly surpassed the goals that were set for it. This success directly resulted in the selection of the LISA mission in June. This is a venture which is worth a billion euro and has been foreseen as a trio of satellite and is anticipated to launch anytime between 2030 and 2034.

Killing End Switch and Launching LISA again

The new mission will include several of the systems of the LISA Pathfinder. Among these included systems will be the crucial laser interferometer instrumentation. It is now known among us as the most necessary equipment to detect GW or gravitational waves in space. Stefano Vitale, the principal investigator said that the LISA Pathfinder has exhibited that LISA is a feasible option with complete sensitivity. He further added that it is expected to act as stepping stone for gravitation waves or GW astronomy and is also likely to be rewarding experience.

After completing 1.5 million km towards the sun from the Earth, the kill commands for the Pathfinder were finally sent by Professor Vitale, who was specially invited for the purpose. The commands which were transmitted from Esa’s mission control center in Darmstadt at Germany, made Pathfinder to reboot itself and lock itself down.