Elon Musk to scrap SpaceX’s plans of landing Dragon on Mars

Published Date : Jul 20, 2017

SpaceX was planning to carry out the world’s first private mission to Mars. The spacecraft that was going to be used for this purpose was named as Dragon. Until recently, Elon Musk and his team were confident, and were pushing themselves to carry out this mission by the year of 2020. But, now Elon Musk has stated that SpaceX will be abandoning their plan of landing Dragon on Mars.

Reasons to Abandon the Red Dragon Mission

SpaceX will abandon this mission because it will not be able to develop a landing technique for Dragon. Originally, Dragon was supposed to land with a method called propulsive landing, wherein the capsule lowers itself on the ground with engines in hull, and touches the ground gently to rest on the landing legs. However Musk is planning to come up with a new technique to land on Mars, which is the reason he is dropping the Red Dragon mission. That being said, the entrepreneur also mentioned that SpaceX is simply changing the method with similar goals, and expectations are higher from his future projects.

This decision also means that SpaceX will stick to parachute landing on earth, the same technique that SpaceX has been following to bring down the capsules that travel to the International Space Stations.

Musk also said that he may update on his plans of Mars colonization at International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide in September this year. Musk briefed about Falcon Heavy, a rocket that SpaceX has been working for a long time and expect it to fly for the first time later this year. Musk however lowered the expectations of people regarding its first flight, saying it would be a successful flight only if it doesn’t burn up the launching pad!