Dark Web Markets Hansa and AlphaBay Shut Down

Published Date : Jul 21, 2017

The dark web marketplace is basically a type of commercial website that operates on the web through darknets such as I2P or Tor. Their main function involves brokering and selling illicit good such as pharmaceuticals, forged documents, stolen credit cards, counterfeit currency, weapons, cyber-arms, and drugs. They operate on the sale of legal products as well. Recently, succeeding a landmark investigation relating to international law enforcement resulted in the shutdown of the two of the biggest dark web marketplaces, Hansa and the AlphaBay. These two sites were the jacks in terms trade of forbidden items such as stolen data, malware, weapons, and drugs.

How did this law enforcement investigation come into action?

As per the Europol, there were over 250,000 entries for toxic chemicals and illegal drugs on AlphaBay. Hansa had already been seized and surreptitiously kept under surveillance for around a month before being pulled off the web. The agency who conducted this investigation also believed that this revelation would ultimately give rise to several more cyber investigations in Europe. Rob Winwright, the executive director of Europol rejoiced after saying that the ability if drug traffickers and other criminals across the globe who were functioning without any fear, has crumbled down after this shut off

Following this revelation, Jeff Sessions, a U.S. Attorney General claimed that several Americans lost their lives due the drugs that were sold on AlphaBay. Immediately after the deactivation of AlphaBay, the number of human users grew eight times on Hansa. After the deactivation of both the websites, investigators are confident on continuing their enquiry on the dark web market.