Now Talk to ‘Doctors’ whenever You Feel Like with ‘Joy’

Published Date : Jul 21, 2017

At times, we all need a person to consult and give us suggestions relating to physical or mental health issues. Recently, Danny Freed invented Joy who is a chatbot for helping people suffering from any serious medical condition. Danny came up with this idea after one his very close friends committed suicide. The shock of losing a close friend, planted the seed to develop a technology that would aid people who are struggling with mental illness.

What is Joy?

Joy is a welcoming treat in the computerized age, where cell phone proprietors approach their own specialists and advisors at just a touch away. Satisfaction may give off an impression of being an advisor or a holistic mentor, yet the discussion with a chatbot that utilizes computerized reasoning and machine for figuring out how to track feelings and give psychological wellness a boost and all of these through Facebook Messenger is a technology worth appreciating.

The founder, Danny said that he had the realization that all sorts of steps and data were taken into consideration for physical health, but there was nothing to track ones mental health. Joy is nothing like a clinical diagnosis tool and is more of a coach and friend. Freed was aware that his credibility might be questioned in the future regarding Joy, so he recruited a PhD student who specializes in counselling psychology and is also a proficient in mood disorders. Joy can be availed for free and people can consult it for mental wellness.