TRAC and MedGenome Licensing Agreement Aids Development of Novel Cancer Drugs

Published Date : Jul 25, 2017

Toronto Recombinant Antibody Centre (TRAC) has recently agreed to license patented oncology immunotherapy solution OncoPept by MedGenome, a provider of clinical genomics solutions for personalized healthcare. TRAC is based at the University of Toronto, Canada. The company will use this solution to develop potential biomarkers for their drug candidates proving useful against immune modulators to aid the treatment of various cancer types.

The licensing agreement bodes well for a more elaborate collaboration between the two organizations, which can facilitate the development of powerful and cost-effective antibody drugs for the India pharmaceutical market.

Identifying Patients Who Benefits Most from Immunotherapy Drugs

The licensing agreement was announced at a symposium held at the Hilton Mumbai International Airport, India on July 20, 2017. The Symposium inaugurated by the Canadian Consul General in India was attended by pharmaceutical companies that included the stalwarts such as Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Biocon, and Sun Pharmaceutical Ltd. The OncoPept platform will be used by several pharma companies in India to boost the efficacy of cancer therapeutics by identifying patients who can benefit the most from oncology immunotherapy drugs. In addition, the development of the platform will help select the right patients for the clinical trials.

More Collaborations to Develop Cost-Effective Cancer Treatments

The escalated cost of the cancer treatment is a key constraining factor limiting the development of effective therapies in an emerging market such as India. With this licensing and more collaborations expected to come between the players in the not-so-distant future, pharmaceutical companies can leverage the potential of the advanced platform to develop cost-effective treatments.

The platform developed by TRAC has numerous screening technologies helpful in producing novel biologics. Incorporating the MedGenome’s genomics-based research and diagnostics, TRAC can consolidate its drug pipeline meant leading to the development of biomarkers and personalized therapies for cancer in India and other emerging markets.