Oxford to be gifted with Electric Mini

Published Date : Jul 26, 2017

The automobile giant BMW recently announced its plan to build a completely electric version of the Mini at the Cowley plant in Oxford. An eminent name in the car making industry also added that the latest model will be send for production in 2019. Oxford will be the main location for the production of the three-door Mini model. Nevertheless, the Mini electric motor will be initially manufactured in Germany and then shipped for assembly to Cowley. BMW further stated that it had not received or sought any assurances from the United Kingdom after the arrangements that were made post-Brexit. This is being linked with the questions that the government of the United Kingdom faced regarding the assurances and support given to Nissan just before the firm announced that the novel versions of X-Trail and Qashqai would be manufactured in the United Kingdom. Another similar report has been regarding Toyota who has agreed to put money in the country post-Brexit.

Confidence Remarks

Around 360,000 Minis are made every year, with over 60% of them manufactured at Oxford. Be that as it may, BMW has developed an alternative base for manufacturing in the Netherlands in the midst of worries about Britain's reasonableness as a hub for export after Brexit. BMW has cautioned about the harm associated with Brexit vulnerability, and in May, CEO Harald Krueger said the organization needed to stay "flexible" about manufacturing units. Greg Clark, the business secretary of the U.K. hailed that the announcement of BMW was a vote of confidence in the plans of the government to turn Britain into the hub of next generation automobiles