Google Develops Algorithm that Can Stimulate Nuclear Fusion Experiments

Published Date : Jul 27, 2017

Google and Tri Alpha Energy have developed an algorithm, which is helping to speed up the plasma fusion energy production. Tri Alpha Energy, Inc., an America-based fusion power generating company, is backed by Paul Allen, a co-founder of Microsoft. With Google’s technological expertise, Tri Al have created an algorithm, called as optometrist algorithm, a stochastic perturbation method allowing human interface. This technology gives human operators two alternative experimental settings with associated outcomes, which allows them to choose desired outcome. Furthermore in experiments, this technique has led to about 50% reduction in energy loss rate.

Complications Involved in Plasma Fusion Experiments

The optometrist algorithm has been developed to deal with the complications that arise due to the limitations of capturing both equipment constraints and plasma quality. Furthermore, temporally-varying and highly-nonlinear interaction between the plasma, external controls, and its environment increases the complications. Ted Baltz from the Google Accelerated Science Team says that the problems are so complicated that it is very difficult to allow any computer to deal with it. So, they have created a system where both the computer system and plasma physicist will be able to use their intellect to get better outcomes.

The president and chief technology officer at Tri Alpha Energy, Michl Binderbauer, says that without high performing commutation methods, it would have taken years to come up with results like this. The team at Google have contributed a great part in the nuclear fusion technology.

Nuclear fusion is a clean energy source that can produce limitless energy. In the race for finding new energy sources, nuclear energy is one of the most potential resource, which can become the major source of energy in future. However, even with decades of research, the commercial production of energy from nuclear fusion has not achieved. This algorithm is one of the major steps that brings this source to reality.